Case Studies

    • Case Study: Purchase-to-Pay Scorecard Redesign BI

      Our Customer, a Fortune 500 medical solutions company, uses a scorecard with various KPIs to report and evaluate the Purchase-to-Pay process performance in the organization. Created on a monthly basis, it contains data from various sources. The gathering of data for the scorecard preparation was entirely manual and the reports were produced in Microsoft Excel. This was a highly inefficient process, prone to errors and manipulations.

    • Case Study: Migration to Google Apps for Work CaseStudy_GAPM

      Our customer, a Fortune 500 company, decided to improve its effectiveness and achieve cost cutting by introducing a common platform for communication and collaboration among its business units worldwide. The client chose to adopt Google Apps for Work and initiated a project to migrate to Gmail all mailboxes, distribution groups, email history, contacts, calendar data and resources from the existing email systems. This was a challenging task because the IT function was entirely decentralized.

    • Case Study: Project Management Office N

      Our customer, a large transportation company with over 50 subsidiaries worldwide, didn’t have transparency on the make up of their global IT costs (just one overall number known, with low degree of accuracy), and there was no overview or controls on IT projects executed globally. What We Did: IntelliCo Solutions set up an outsourced project management office, with several objectives.