Business Intelligence

Getting knowledge from your data is key for making the right business decisions. Business Intelligence turns data into information and knowledge to support your decision making. There are many BI tools available on the market, but which one will add real value and actually meet your specific needs?

Transforming data into information can be quite complex. Your business is producing large amounts of data at any given moment – both “traditional” transactional data exchanged between applications, and big data generated by your customers. This data is created and stored in different formats, not suitable for analysis and reporting. Moreover, trying to run reports on operational systems may result in performance issues – certainly, this is not acceptable.

This is why Business Intelligence tools are needed – they transform operational data in a reporting-friendly format, conforming metrics from different systems to ensure consistency (a “single version of the truth”), and store this data in a single data warehouse, optimized for reporting and analysis. Generally, a complete BI solution includes several tools:

  • An ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) tool which transforms and loads the data from the sources to the destination database
  • A reporting database (known as a Data Warehouse or Data Mart)
  • OLAP tools and BI Applications on top of the Data Warehouse, used for reporting, analysis and dashboards

business intelligence structure Selecting and implementing the right BI tool can be challenging.  We can help you with all aspects of delivering a BI solution – from Scoping & Requirements definition, Product Selection & Solution Design, to Development & Deployment activities. We can Plan & Manage the project to ensure it meets its objectives and delivers real business value. With over 10 years experience of successful implementations, we have developed our own flexible approach to delivering BI projects, which can be tailored to meet your specific business needs:
deliver business intelligence steps

Why Choose IntelliCo Solutions?

  • We approach each project individually – we know there is no “one size that fits all” for BI
  • We have a proven record of successful BI implementations
  • We are flexible – you decide on our level of involvement
  • We are product-agnostic – we know there is no “best” product that fits everyone’s needs
  • Our Project Managers are Certified PRINCE2 & PMI Professionals

In case you are interested, please contacts us at and we will provide you with more details on our BI delivery approach.
An overview of our BI delivery approach is available here: [PDF document – 4.27MB].