Project Management Office

Effective project management is the way to drive innovation, handle change and adapt to the dynamic business environment. Often, it may become a bottleneck – especially when your organization is growing, and project portfolios grow as well. Our PMO services will help you maintain stability and reliability of your IT PM processes and performance.

What is PMO?

Project Management Office or Program Management Office (PMO) is a central unit which coordinates activities and enhances efficiency of resource usage. Based on the company setup, a PMO can serve various roles including direct project management and supervision, project management assurance, or project management guidance and provision of methodology.

Setting up a PMO or changing the internal organization can be a challenging task for your company. Relying on experienced professionals will ensure smooth transition from current to desired state of organization.

Why Hire External Consultants?

  • Ensure outstanding quality
  • Focus on core business
  • Guarantee objective evaluation
  • Gain flexibility
  • Access collective knowledge
  • Save time
  • Optimize cost structure and return on investment

Our Value Proposition

The success or failure of your organization’s project portfolio is a key factor for the overall success of your Business. Often, the realization of a brilliant business strategy can be challenged by project management issues, such as inappropriate methodology, inadequate planning, lack of transparency and change management. Our PMO Services can improve the health of your project portfolio and deliver more value to your Business. Every organization faces different challenges – we can identify yours and propose appropriate service, based on your needs.

PMO services value proposition

PMO Setup

We introduce PMO concepts in the company and provide sufficient knowledge, procedures and tools to enable them. Our experienced consultants analyze the underlying needs of project management office and will establish a PMO by combining best practices and established company policies and procedures. Our team members will make sure to deliver:

  • Methodology, processes, templates
  • Training & transition to internal teams
  • Tailored approach to fit existing company processes


Provide outsourced PMO services on behalf of your company seamlessly and efficiently. Our consultants possess the appropriate training and knowledge to operate as your internal PMO department. Our services are subscription based, reflect the load of your company’s project portfolio and include but are not limited to the following:

  • Planning, business case preparation, maintenance of project plans
  • Status Reporting
  • Scope Execution and Quality Monitoring

Custom Solutions

We advise our customers on project and portfolio management issues, assist in every aspect of project management and provide project management and industry expertise to make projects run more smoothly and come to a successful delivery:

  • Staff augmentation
  • Rescue and stabilize projects at risk
  • Optimize and redesign project processes
  • Grow and Help reach next level of Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) maturity
  • Satisfy your particular needs

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