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    • Strategic IT Project Management shutterstock_243809728_1900x700

      We say that well-managed projects encounter and respond to critical issues as early as possible, while poorly managed projects fail close to the delivery date. Often, a critical issue – an unforeseen event or a new piece of information – will dictate that in response a project has to be seriously reshaped.

    • Business Intelligence shutterstock_128623718_1900x700

      Getting knowledge from your data is key for making the right business decisions. Business Intelligence turns data into information and knowledge to support your decision making. There are many BI tools available on the market, but which one will add real value and actually meet your specific needs?

    • Project Management Office shutterstock_368266220_1900x700

      Effective project management is the way to drive innovation, handle change and adapt to the dynamic business environment. Often, it may become a bottleneck – especially when your organization is growing, and project portfolios grow as well. Our PMO services will help you maintain stability and reliability of your IT PM processes and performance.

    • IT Strategy Definition shutterstock_105970766_1900x700

      As companies grow, they need to become more structured in how they spend their IT budget. Companies often understand that they need to spend more money on IT to enable growth or increase efficiency. But setting the priorities is a challenging task: should we invest first in an ERP? Or in CRM? Or in migrating to cloud applications?