Case Study: Business Continuity Preparation

Our customer, a Global leader in Logistic services and a recognized Global Supply Chain solution provider was developing a Business Continuity Strategy, applicable for the whole organisation and sub-units. In order to meet the changed business demand, the IT organisation had to support this process by developing a respective IT Service Continuity Strategy.

What We Did:

Being aware of the Customer’s business strategies and having profound knowledge of its application and infrastructure footprint (as a result of previous successful assignments), Intellico Solutions was commissioned to support the internal Business & IT teams with the development of Business & IT Service Continuity strategies. The efforts were concentrated in several specific steps:

  1. Preparation of a questionnaire with detailed business continuity metrics which was later used for data collection from all regional units in EMEA, APAC, Americas, etc.
  2. Selection of a set of clients generating high number of orders, for each specific business sector, which were to be further analysed from business continuity point of view
  3. Collection and analysis of regional representatives data:
    • Business continuity metrics
    • Working processes and systems
    • SLAs for specific customers
    • Specifics of management of local sites
  4. Conducting Business Impact Analysis (BIA) in order to quantify the financial influence to the business of a loss of service based on different risk tolerance levels, customer classes, etc.; Measure Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) metrics for specific processes and mission critical systems. These included the creation of a financial summary model which incorporated all gathered info and its transformation to real knowledge

The Result:

Once Business Impact Analysis (BIA) was performed, the appropriate strategies were created and their adoption was initiated in order to mitigate all identified risks related to business continuity. The overall goal of the Customer which was to create a solid foundation for Business & IT Service Continuity has been achieved.