Selection and Implementation of Global EDI Platform

Our customer, a Fortune 500 shipping transportation company subsidiary providing port capacity management and high-productivity operations, had  a semi-automated process  for handling invoices in place and no agreed standard for the content and quality of the invoices. This often necessitated manual intervention and caused issues and escalations.

What We Did:

We were assigned the project management of a global EDI platform selection, development and implementation. The purpose of the platform was to facilitate invoice submission in a standard electronic format and automate the process. The short term-scope was financial invoicing and the long-term scope was operational EDI messaging. The customer chose Software as a Service (SaaS) final solution. The project included two phases.

Phase1: Vendor & Software selection.

In this phase IntelliCo Solutions led the:

  • Creation of RFI and submission to 6 EDI Software vendors;
  • Criteria selection a weighted vendor evaluation based on thorough analysis and identified priorities
  • RFP submission to 4 of the vendors, and organizing Software Demo
  • Vendor selection and Contract signing after several rounds of commercial and legal negotiations

Phase2: Software implementation which covered the following PM activities:

  • Conceptual solution design
  • Infrastructure set-up
  • Launch of pilots
  • Pilot development, test and go-live
  • Preparation of global implementation in waves

The Result:

The selection and development of product solution were successfully led  by IntelliCo Solutions. Pilots were conducted and a proper process for on-boarding of new business units on the Global EDI system was produced and established to follow in the future. The customer implemented extremely scalable software since the company planned to use it in the future not only for Financial EDI invoicing but for Operational EDI messaging for the communication between venues, venues and customers etc.